Sunday, 29 March 2015

GEO Geolica Celine and Lady circle lenses review

Today I'd like to review contact lenses which are in my opinion perfection incarnate as far as comfort and natural look are concerned.
Geolica Celine lenses are made in Korea, but are approved and distributed in Europe and come in the same kind of blister packaging as most European lenses do.  

These one-year lenses are 14.2 in diameter which means they're easy to put on and comfortable to wear.

The design is very natural. They're 3-tone lenses with browny inner ring and a somewhat darker outer rim. There is no defined limbal ring, which means these lenses offer no enlargement or definition, but blend in perfectly with my multi-coloured irises.

The comfort of wearing these lenses is unbelievable. Geo is my favourite brand of Korean lenses, but Geolica lenses have surpassed those I'd tried before. They seem sturdier than the Bausch&Lomb and Johnson&Johnson lenses I sometimes buy, they aren't as flexible, but they maintain their shape better, bon't roll and bend while applying. Even though the material they're made of seems thicker, they are incredibly comfortable to wear. I wear them for about 15 hours a day and my eyes never feel tired or dehydrated.  There's no burning, scratching, itching or any other issues with these.

The Geolica Lady lenses are pretty much the same, just the design differs.

They're 3-tone gray lenses that are quite sheer. They look even more natural on my eyes and blend in extremely well, but they make my irises lighter than I like, giving me a kind of Siberian Husky look I'm not particularly fond of. But they're great lenses nonetheless. If I were to choose between the two, however, I'd pick the blue ones.

 Who do I recommend these lenses to?
Anyone who uses prescription lenses on everyday basis and looks for comfortable and practical yet fun lenses which won't scare people in the street. 

Who might not like these?
Anyone looking for enlargement, drama in the eyes, a complete change of colour. 

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