Monday, 23 March 2015

Korean goodies: Original Raw Ice Blue Jam Water Block Cream review

When I saw this Original Raw Ice Blue Jam Water Block Cream in my Just Gellin Memebox, I was instantly drawn to its unusual packaging. 
The cream comes in a silver sachet with a screw-on top nozzle. The packaging is the most travel-friendly concept ever as it's weightless, flexible and sleek, but turned oput to be quite impractical for home use. Not only did it get shuffled away on my skincare shelf, but also I had to chase the product all over the sachet when it was running low.

There isn't much information in the leaflet about this product apart from the fact that it's poplular among Korean actresses and that it's cooling, soothing and prevents moisture loss. And in these terms it does deliver perfectly fine.  The blue gel (lighter and less dense than its Black Jam counterpart, if yopu're familiar with that) turns watery when melted on my skin, it sinks in quickly, making my skin moisturised and make-up ready. It by no means offers a matte finish, but it's not the glowy/sticky type either. It made a perfect day/night cream for my oily skin, but I have a feeling that drier skin types would benefit from it too.

It's not the cream that will stay in my mind as a sort of wonder-doer, but it certainly does its job well. I liked how quickly it absorbed and how well it served as a make-up base on my quite dehydrated oily skin. I really do enjoy gel creams and this one was no exception for me.


  1. I have the black jam and it isnt enough as a stand alone moisturizer for my dry skin. It is nice as a sort of emulsion or essence step though!

    1. Then I'm wrong about this cream being suitable for dry skin types as it's quite similar to the sample of the black one you gave me.