Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Korean goodies: Grinif Collagen Aqua Peeling Gel review

I must admit that I quite like the Korean invention of peeling gels, especially when they combine the liquid formula with some tiny exfoliating granules to increase their efficiency. 
What they do is once they're applied and massaged on the skin they kind of coagulate and turn into sort of rubbery flakes or beads (I don't know how to describe them) which gently exfoliate the skin. Many people believe these particles are actually your deas skin cells, but just use your common sense, if this thing tore off such amount of your skin tissue, you'd be suffering inflamation comparable to burns.

So I was quite excited to receive  this Grinif Collagen Aqua Peeling Gel in one of my Memeboxes. Unfortunately, the manufacturer got the whole thing wrong.
First of all, the spray applicator. It spurts large doses of the gel onto the face, very often on the areas which should be avoided like eyes or mouth. That is why I usually spray a couple of doses onto the palms of my hands and then apply the product onto my face. The gel coagulates less than other products of the same kind I've used before and it seems to me it's less effective. While my face overall feels refreshed and smoother, it does nothing to remove dead skins that I sometimes have on my nose. What's more the particles literally get stuck to drier, less porous areas of my face like my jawline and I find it hard to scrape them off.

And then there's the scent, which might have been meant to be 'natural' but I find it rather off-putting. I can't compare it to anything really, floor polish perhaps?  If you add perfume to your product, why not make it smell nice?   

I will use this thing up, as I don't like wasting my cosmetics, but I certainly don't recommend this peeling gel to anyone. There are much better products of this kind out there.

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