Monday, 9 March 2015

Maybelline Brow Drama in Medium Brown review

In my search of the perfect brow product I came across Maybelline Brow Drama, and after reading a couple of favourable reviews I decided to give it a go.
Brow Drama is a mascara for the brows kind of product. It comes with this mascara spoolie applicator with a ball-shaped tip. Of course I did realise that having read the reviews, but I somehow thought it was on the smaller side or I didn't know how thick and bushy the reviewers' brows were. So the main problem, as you might have already guessed, was that the tip was almost twice as wide as my thin, sparse brows, especially towards the outer perimeters.
Apart from the ball, the mascara wand also has a narrow base, which is supposed to take care of some thinner and balder areas. Oh boy, how I tried to make this work. I even bent the wand almost in half to stop the ball-end getting in the way, but it didn't seem to work. Then I watched a youtubber recommending cutting the ball off if it seemed too big and so I did. Well... ehem... don't do that. While the applicator really did the job better, the runny formula just flooded the applicator and out of the tube as it turned out that the ball had functioned as a stopper.

It's a pity the applicator rendered this brow mascara useless for me cause I quite liked the formula. This was the strongest brow setting product I've used. My brows, even though pretty crisp, stayed in place all day long. My brows felt as if I'd set them with an extra hold, tinted hairspray. And this is the best use of the product.

Treated as a complete brow styling product, Brow Drama didn't give my brows enough drama. It coated every single hair all right, but did nothing to fake fullness. It made my brows look quite the same, just darker, I can even say that it made the sparseness even more noticeable. Full brow owners won't know what I'm talking about, but anyone with ridiculously thin ones won't build theirs up.

The shade selection is rather limited so I chose Medium Brown, even though I never go for such dark colours. It turned out to be a very nice dark taupe, which made me realise that I can use slightly darker colours than I usually do.

Overall, I believe this is a great brow setting product with an applicator which suits thicker, fuller brows. So if you have problems controlling your unmanageable bushy brows, you won't regret this purchase. For me, it was a bit of a miss, unfortunately.  

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