Thursday, 26 March 2015

Korean goodies: Hope Girl Wonder Magic Mascara review

When I saw this mascara in one of my Memeboxes, I was highly disappointed. Not only had the brand notoriously received negative comments of other bloggers and Memebox fans, but also it looked like a rip-off Helena Rubinstein mascara.
But I gave it a go and it became my favourite bottom lash mascara which for some reason I forgot to include in my favourites of the year post. I've been using this every single day for at least six months solid and it's only now that it started going kind of gloopy and I feel I'll have to get rid of it, even though there's still plenty of product left.
Hope Girl Wonder Magic Mascara is marketed as a 3-in-1 product which volumizes, lengthens and curls at the same time. As I've said, it mainly served as my bottom lash mascara, so I've got very little to say about how well it performs against these claims, but I did use it all over a couple of times. It offered decent volume, but nothing uber spectacular like false lash effect. I don't think it lengthened dramatically and as for the curl my lashes are naturally quite upturned, so all mascaras do the trick for me.

So why did I love this seemingly average mascara so much?
Because of the wand and the formula.
The wand is slim, long with densely packed bristles. It's so easy to apply mascara on bottom lashes without any special manouvres like in case of XL brushes or wasting too much time on coating every single lash (Clinique Bottom Lash, I'm looking at you). It takes literally one swipe and you're done!

The second thing is the waterproof formula. This mascara doesn't smudge, flake or crumble. I can skip setting my concealer, take an afternoon nap, walk in the rain, cry and nothing would break it. And strangely enough it doesn't take much effort to remove it. Any cleansing oil I'm currently using does away with it completely.
This is a waterproof mascara, so it's worth noting that these aren't usually time-resistant. Most waterproof mascaras dried to the point of being impossible to use within three months. It took my Hope Girl Wonder Magic six months of daily use to turn gloopy, but I can still make some use of it.

The mascara retails for $22, according to Memebox, which is well above drugstore prices, but I feel it's worth it. I'd be glad to return to it one day if I find where to buy it. 

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