Thursday, 5 March 2015

Korean goodies: Pro You Wrinkle SC Renewal Ampoule review

Pro You seems to be my favourite brand discovered thanks to my addiction to Memeboxes. I've already used up their face cream, a set of day and night ampoules, eye cream, the Wrinkle Renewal Ampoule I'm about to review today and there's still their body scrub waiting its turn. 

Below you can read product description from the info sheet and the product packaging 

This ampoule comes in a milky glass bottle with a dropper which looks both classy and professionan in the bathroom. The product  is clear, runny, fragrance-free liquid that feels a bit slimey when applied. However, this absorbs super fast, leaving no sticky resudue on the surface of my skin. Makes my skin feel soft, moisturised and nourished.  I have oily skin and this could do as my daytime moisturiser in the summer, but in winter time I use this ampoule after cleansing or toning and before my might cream or face oil.

Used without any context or comparison, this ampoule is just perfect. But the thing is that this doesn't differ at all from the Pro You Multi Wrinkle Ampoule  from the day and night set. Although the ingredients vary, I wouldn't be able to see the difference between these two in blind testing.  

I really love this product, but I don't see myself forking out $96 on a bottle of this. For that kind of money I'd go for a Chanel or Estee Lauder serum, which I'm sure would work even better.

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