Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Korean goodies: Pro You Multi White & Wrinkle Ampoule Dual Set review

Pro You brand seems to be one of my top Memebox discoveries. When I saw this scientifically packaged set of whitening and anti-wrinkle ampoules, I couldn't resist giving it priority even though I was using some other serum at that time. 
I must say that I love this set, but not without strong reservations.

I really like the packaging. There are 4 vials on each side of the box that can be opened and resealed. Each vial contains enough product for at least 4-5 applications. It's travel friendly, you can keep one of these in your handbag if your tends to get dry during the day and reapply during the day. Each of these closes securely and there's no chance of its active ingredients oxidising. 

I also like the non-watery consistency of these ampoules. They're half way between toners and oils. They glide on smoothly and absorb super quick, leaving my skin moisturised but neither moist nor sticky. My face feels super smooth and plump when I use these. 

This is a lovely product, however, there are some concerns I'd like to express, most of which are of, say, ideological or conceptual nature.
First of all, neither the box nor the info sheet offer precise information of what these do ampoules do and how they differ. Which is better during the day, which should be applied at night time, which addresses which issues etc.

Secondly, I personally didn't see any difference between the white and wrinkle ampoules except for the fact that the white ones were yellow tinted, but as far as their consistency, fragrance, results are concerned, they're exactly the same. They didn't also differ from the S Wrinkle SC Renewal Ampoule I got in my Daily Dose of Beauty box. 

And finally, however much I like the product, I must say that it doesn't live up to many of  the claims. The information sheet mentions sebum control and pore tightening. Well, I can only laugh at this. I have oily skin and large pores and neither of these ampoules did anything to improve my skin condition in this respect. 

So, overall, it's a lovely product, but the description seems inappropriate. But if I was offered this product for blind testing, I'd recommend this as a bedtime serum for all skin types or to be used during the day on dry skin.

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