Monday, 29 December 2014

Urban Decay Naked on the Run palette review & swatches

I'm a massive fan of Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes and I hardly give any a miss. Their new, limited edition Naked on the Run palette appealed to me with its variety. This relatively small palette contains basically everything you need to create a complete look: 5 eyeshadows, a blush, a bronzer, a highlighter, an eyeliner, a mascara and a lip gloss, all locked in a gorgeous case with a lid that looks like a 3d precious stone which hides a high quality full-size mirror.

As I've said, the case all this stuff comes in is pretty sturdy. Its size is comparable to the size of both palms of my hands and it's quite heavy, so even though it's designed to give you everything you need on the run, I don't think it's the best companion of a woman's handbag. And if I needed to travel light, I could definitely find a more lightweight solution. But if the weight of your luggage isn't an issue, this palette could be pretty useful as it locks securely, so there's no risk of incidental opening and it also seems quite shock resistant. 

The eyeshadows that come in the palette are a set of neutrals with their warmer and cooler varieties and a number of different finishes.

Drive is a kind of rosy copper shade that would fit in the Naked 3 palette pretty well. This shade is very shimmery.
Fix is one of my favourite items in this box and also one of my favourite mattes ever. This is the perfect transition colour that blends so well and makes all other colours blend well too. I reach for this everyday and it has replaced the mattes from my Naked basics palettes because it's less dry and blends better on ageing lids such as mine. It's a light brown with cool, taupey undertones.
Resist is a very pretty neutral, mid-toned taupe with more sheen than a shimmer.
Dare is a lovely matte brown that is neither too cool nor too warm.
Stun is the warmerst shade in the palette, this is a mid-toned brown with golden shimmer.

The blush and the bronzer are unnamed, so I cannot tell whether they come in other palettes or not.
The bronzer isn't exactly right up my alley because it's way too warm for my complexion, but it's not bad either and the good thing about it is that it's matte. Lightly dusted in 3-shape it gived my face a nice sunkissed warmth without looking too orange. 

The blush, on the other hand, is very nice. It's a cool-toned matte pink which I like, particularly in winter. Makes my cheeks look fresh, as if I've walked in from the cold.

The highlighter is called 50/50 and can be used both to add some glow to the cheeks and high points of your face and as an eyeshadow. It's a light skin-coloured shade with some shimmer in it. This underdog of the palette is probably my favourite and most reached-for item in the palette.
This is not a highlighter that will give you a mirror plate sheen on the cheeks, but it's so appropriate for any daytime look.
I've been  using it every single day ever since I got it as my eyeshadow base. I apply it with a large fluffy brush all over my lids to make the blending process easier. It evens out the skin tone without accentuating any dryness or causing wrinkles to appear on my ageing lids. It also doesn't make me look like a star of the 80s. This is perfect!   

I'm also very satisfied with the Naked lip gloss. It comes in a shade called .Sesso , which is a kind of mauvey pink, it's pigmented enough to give my lips a hint of colour, that looks fresh and suits my skin tone well. This is a high sheen gloss that makes your lips look wet, stays on longer than average glosses and has this lovely sweet mint scent to it. 

The 24/7 Glide On Eye pencil in Stag is also a hit. I've already used up half of it and I'm planning to get another one when it joins the permanent line. I'm a big fan of UD 24/7 eyeliners in general and this one is no exception. It's a dark brown eyeliner with some very, very slight shimmer to it which glides on smoothly on the lid, without tugging or pulling and then sets to stay put all day long and makes a perfect, softer alternative for black.

Perversion mascara is something I'm not overwhelmed with. It comes here in deluxe sample size and I'm definitely not getting its full size version. 
Theoretically it's wand is exactly what I like, but somehow it does nothing spectacular to my lashes. There's no volume, no length, no definition and certainly nothing perverse about my lashes. But on the positive note, I've noticed no clumping, neither fallout nor smudging, but still this doesn't make it better than many drugstore mascaras. 

1. Self sufficiency: The palette definitely lacks a very dark shade, preferably a matte brown or black to make any eye look complete. But it definitely is self-sufficient.
 2. Variety of shades: Even though we get here a nice selection of neutrals, they're not terribly diverse.
3. Variety of finishes: The variety of finishes is just right, you get here a selection of mattes, shimmers and sparkles.
4. Variety of looks is very, very limited. This is a palette that will offer you a basic, office-friendly look. 
5. Pigmentation is great, all products are highly pigmented.
6. Uniqueness: This palette is unique in terms of its packaging and the variety of products it contains. But the shades are most certainly dupable, their dupes can be found in other UD palettes, just ever so slightly different and functioning under different names.
7. Performance: These eyeshadows are some of the best eyeshadows UD has ever made. They're pigmented, creamy, blend like a dream with miminum fallout and last from dusk to dawn. The eyeliner is excellent and the blush and the bronzer are also pretty good.
8. Packaging is to die for. The compact is luxurious, stylish and pretty. I like the look of it on the dressing table. It's also very practical, with its well-fitting lid and a mirror.
9. Availability: limited edition
10. Value for money: This palette isn't cheap by any means, but it's a great value for money, considering what you get.

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