Saturday, 27 December 2014

Tanya Burr Everyday Flutter false lashes review

My experience with false lashes is minimal. The I've used 3 pairs so far, two of which were Korean and now I've added a pair by Tanya Burr to my tiny collection.

There are a couple of styles in her range and I've chosen those which seemed the easiest to apply for beginners and they seemed the most casual of them all. I hoped  Everyday Flutter lashes wouldn't make me look like an ageing drag queen. They are the half lashes that go into the outer corner of the eye and the problem is that they're pretty long and don't blend all that well with my natural lashes which I've never thought to be particularly short. I'm not a massive fan of that look and I'm considering trimming thm a bit.
But apart from that I must admit that they're the most comfy lashes I've worn so far. As I've said I've no experience and the Korean ones I've got are my only reference and now I know how big a difference in the comfort of wear can be. You can actually forget you're wearing Tanya Burr's lashes. They're soft, flexible and lightweight.
What's more, being a complete novice, I never realised what difference good quality glue can make. A couple of days ago I spent an entire evening practicing applying Korean false lashes with the glue attached and I ruined my make-up completely, but failed to glue the lashes to my eyelids at all. They moved, came unstuck, didn't get close to the lashline. Today, I applied the very same pair of lashes using Tanya Burr's glue and was astonished at how effortless it turned out to be. The glue looks white with some kind of holographic sheen, but dries completely transparent. It doesn't create much build-up on the strip of the lashes, so there's hardly any need to clean the lashes before returning them to their box. Excellent!
The only thing I didn't like about Tanya Burr's lashes is that the strip they're attached to is white, which was very hard to conceal and looked very noticeable.
Nonetheless, I think this super positive experience with Tanya Burr's Everyday Flutter lashes encouraged me to get a couple of good quality false lashes for special occassions. I'm definitely getting one more pair by Tanya and some by Ardell and Eyelure.


  1. Your eyes look amazing! How did I not notice the color? The make up really brings it out :)

    1. haha, my eyes are different colours, but I wear coloured lenses, so this hardly shows. I wish I could get come clear Korean lenses!