Monday, 29 December 2014

Korean goodies: Pure Smile Muddy Girl Charcoal face mask review

I regularly wear sheet masks because they're so quick and easy to use but what suits my skin type best are mud masks.
My all time favourites are mud masks by The Body Shop and Eve Lom but I'm always happy to give some new ones a go. 
Pure Smile Muddy Girl comes in a single-use packaging that resembles continental breakfast jam or butter. The charcoal mask is very smooth, with no particles or exfoliating beads. It applies effortlessly, there's some tingling in more sensitive areas of the face. After wearing the mask for 15 minutes sheerer areas dried to a crust, while those where I packed a thicker layer remained wet. The mask was relatively easy to remove, except for those places where I let the mask dry out completely.    

Unfortunately I noticed nothing extraordinary after I removed the mask. Nothing at all, to be more specific. My skin looked and felt exactly like it did before. Notmally mud masks make it feel cleansed, exfoliated, smoothed and sebum-free, but this time I observed absolutely nothing. 
So I suppose you've already guessed my verdict: not worth the effort. 

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