Monday, 1 December 2014

Korean goodies: Sally's Box Hydrogel Masks in Delight Ceramide, Delight Panthenol, Delight Collagen review

I like sheet masks for the convenience of using them and thanks to my regular purchases of Memeboxes I have a heap of them. Most of them are quite similar, consist of a fabric mask soaked in essence which you wear for 15-20 minutes and this leaves your skin well moisturised. 

In one of my Memeboxes I received 3 Sally's Box hydrogel masks that instantly stole my heart with their cute packaging that is so different from other products of the same kind.
These masks are also unlike any other sheet mask in terms of their shape and texture. 
They're made of a bottom part, which you're supposed to put on first and the top one. This is supposed to tailor these to all users' needs, but no matter how hard I tried to apply these correctly, the nose flap kept getting into my nostrils, but I can't complain about them being too small.
Instead of being made of some sort of fabric, they come in a form of sheets that feel very cooling and comforting on the skin.
The only thing that bugged me about these masks is that all three of them  (collagen, panthenol and ceramide) felt exactly the same on my skin. They're highly saturated with liquid and and there's this initial tingling, cooling sensation. Every single one left my face moisturised, softened and consideragly glowy and a bit sticky.
Using these three in a sequence just proved what I'd always suspected, that no matter what the ingredients and claims, the only result you get is softer and more moisturised skin. 

These are very, very nice, but like all sheet masks they lack a comparative advantage that would be strong enough to make me loyal to them. 

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