Sunday, 7 December 2014

Something Japanese: DHC Deep Cleansing oil review

Oil cleansers are my greatest skincare discovery of all times. Ever since I tried the first one they have been in constant use. However, I'm not loyal to any brand. The reason is mainly my curiosity. Sticking to the same product is boring and perhaps there are some other marvels waiting for you out there! What's more, no matter how much I like a product, there's always some kind of disadvantage. Some of them represented a price tag that was too steep for me to repurchase regularly, some required ordering from abroad, some contained mineral oil (which doesn't do anything bad to my skin, but I expect the price to drop to low drugstore level).   

The DHC Deep Cleansing Oil is one of the iconic products for oil cleanser users. I'd kept adding and removing it from my e-bay basket when I noticed that carry the brand and I instantly topped my order with this and an eye cream. 

In case you are new to oil cleansers, I'll just explain that you apply it onto dry face, massage throughout, fosussing on your eyeliner and mascara most and then add some water, upon which point the product turns milky and no longer greasy. Rinse and you're done! I have oily skin, so I always follow my oil cleanser with a foaming cleanser, but at that point my mascara is gone and I don't need to rub my eyes with hundreds of cotton pads soaked in Bioderma.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil has proven to be one of the best products of this type on the market. It comes in a convenient packaging with a pump dispenser that distributes the right amount of product. I usually use 2 pumps. The product inside is neither too thick nor unpleasantly greasy. It actually feels lightweight and massaging my face with this is a sheer pleasure. It has virtually no scent, which is perfect for both for those of us with sensitive skin and those (like myself) who can't stand those 'natural' herbal odours. It's made mostly of natural plant oils. 
This oil is one of the best at removing eye make up, though it sometimes struggles with stubborn waterproof mascaras. but even if it does leave some smudges of mascara, any foam cleanser will wash them away without effort.

The disadvantages of DHC Deep Cleansing Oil is that this is the most expensive cleansing oil I've used so far and it must be ordered online, which sometimes means that a shipping charge will be added to the price, which is high anyway. 

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