Monday, 8 December 2014

Korean goodies: Wish Formula Premium Ample Mask review

My Wish Formula Premium Ample Mask came in my Memebox Special #35 Moisture Surge. 
I love sheet masks for the convenience of using them, but, as I've said countless times before, I can't see much difference between them, so I usually try to find some selling point of these.
Here's what it promises to do:

This mask is highly saturated with moisture, perhaps more than others. I really liked how well it fitted my face shape and how comfortable it was to wear. The sheet adhered nicely to all areas of my face and I didn't feel any urge to remove it before the time prescribed. 
I also enjoyed the scent which evaporated quickly and wasn't noticeable after a minute or so.
After taking this sheet of a ton of product remained on my face and felt very sticky, but dried out in time to a more acceptable finish.  

This mask left my skin feeling well moisturised and nourished, but there definitely wasn't anything that would make it stand out of the crowd, except for its size, perhaps. 

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