Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Morgan Taylor nail polish in Under the Stars review & swatches

For the past couple of months I've noticed an increased interest in glitter nail polish. That's why I topped up one of my nail polish orders with Morgan Taylor polish in Under the Stars, mainly to see what this brand's polishes are like as it seems to be a shooting star in the nail polish world in 2014.

Under the Stars is a beautiful polish, but not without its flaws. It's dark blue, almost black, yet not black at all. It's full of small holo glitter that distributes evenly and richly. The polish looks stellar as the glitter comes to play in artificial lights. It's perfect for dark winter nights, but doesn't look flat during sunless days. Formulawise it's dense and opaque, 2 coats are more than enough. It's also very quick drying.

The problem is that the glitter feels very gritty on the surface and the polish isn't shiny at all without a top coat. I applied a number of layers of Mavala Mavadry and not much has changed. Probably Seche Vite would finally do the trick, but I don't currently have it in my stash. 
What's more the polish chipped very badly withing 2 days of application, but I'm not sure whether to attribute this to the polish or the thickness of polish on my nails.

It's a pity cause the polish itself is gorgeous and suits my taste perfectly well. 

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