Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Korean goodies: Etude House Blotting Paper Pact review

I was superexcited to receive this blotting sheet compact by Etude House in my Memebox. I love blotting sheets as they are a lifesaver for my oily skin. They take off all excess oil without ruining my make up and make building up powder unnecessary. Most of my blotting sheets came in simple paper envelopes so this pink compact made me go wow.  

Blotting sheets aren't a product I'm patricularly demanding about. Although they tend to differ in softness, size and packaging and some of them are dusted with powder, all of them do the same good job for my skin and the decisive factor when selecting mine is the price tag. So in terms of quality the Etude House Blotting Paper Pact was on a par with all other blotting papers I've used. They're soft and flexible and absorb my oils really well. Of course there is a selling point to them, like traditional Koream paper made from mulberry trees, but I personally wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

What I don't like about this product is actually the same compact that made me gasp upon arrival. The pink compact looks really cute, it contains a full size mirror and a sponge that successfully imitates a powder sponge. The adhesive strip on the bottom of the sponge makes it possible to pick individual sheets without effort. 
The problem is that first of all it's just another heavy and sturdy addition to my brimming make-up bag. Secondly, the stickiness of the adhesive strip disappeared half way through the product. 

All in all this was a fun product, but, I don't feel compelled to repurchase. The product was bulky and the dispenser didn't actually work. The papers were absolutely fine, but there are thousands of others that do the same job equally well.  

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