Saturday, 20 December 2014

Korean goodies: Pro You Wrinkle SC Renewal Cream review

Pro You is a brand that I learned about thanks to Memebox and so far I've enjoyed every single item I've received. All their products come in simple and unfanciful packaging, which brings pharmacy or dermocosmetics to my mind.
I got my Pro You S Wrinkle SC Renewal Cream in Anti-Aging 3 Superbox and the first thing I noticed was that it was huge. The 100g tub resembles body butter ones more than these typical of 30-50ml face creams.  
The information sheet didn't stir much interest in me. The same claims and promises are repeated in product descriptions of every single face cream that I get in Memeboxes and the info focuses on what the cream doesn't contain instead of its active ingredients.

I don't know exactly why I gave this cream a green light, perhaps because I could pair it with the ampoules by the same brand which tempted me with their scientific packaging and I felt desperate to try them out.

This cream turned out to be one of the greatest Memebox discoveries. It has a very soft and lightweight cream consistency that glides super smoothly when applied. It absorbs quickly and leaves a kind of film on the skin surface.  I find this cream highly moisturising without being sticky. It's results are long lasting, I use this mostly at night and when I wake up my skin is plump and fresh. I have oily skin which isn't very demanding as far as moisturisers are concerned, but I feel this cream would be a good pick for drier skin types as well. It has a faint scent that I would compare to savon marseille.    

I was using this cream daily for almost two months and I hardly used anything at all. I absolutely loved the cream, but I simply got bored with it so I gave whatever remained in the tub to my mum, who loves the cream even more than I do. If I'd resolved to use this up till the last drop, it would have taken me a year or so. 
I believe the size is the only disadvantage of this cream. According to the leaflet it costs $96, which is outrageous and definitely getting this cream, however lovely it may be, at such price is out of the question for me. But if it was sold in 50ml tubs for about half the price, I would definitely consider repurchasing it one day as it's a perfect moisturiser for all skin types and will stay in my mind for longer.


  1. This sounds quite wonderful. I wonder if they sell sample sizes?

    1. ProYou seems to be an excellent brand, there was a time when Memebox showered us with tona of their products and every single one was really up to my taste.