Wednesday, 23 May 2012

L'occitane hand and foot cream

These two creams were included in my Glossybox in May. Having used both samples up I feel ready to write a review.

I've always perceived L'occitane as a more expensive version of The Body Shop and while The Body Shop has always attracted me with its Britishness and also for sentimental reasons, L'occitane scared me away with its customerless interiors, bored shop assistants and prices.

Now, I didn't have a choice, I had to try out something L'occitane.
The hand cream smells nice, distributes easily and is absorbed immediately, leaving no greasy film on my hands. Particularly useful for drivers, the steering wheel doesn't get greasy and slippery. But there's also a negative consequence of this. I don't notice much effect of the cream either, except for the pleasant smell. I think there are better drugstore products and I would never buy such an expensive hand cream unless it did some magic tricks, I can't even think which ones.

The same observation refers to the foot cream. My heels tend to be quite dry and I care about them a lot and I was quite excited to use this foot cream. It smells amazing, it's a kind of mix of lavender and rosemary. But this is where my raving ends. After two weeks of using the product I didn't notice any difference (apart from the aromatherapeutic aspect of using it). My feet look neither better nor worse. Again, even dry feet like mine can be taken care of with cheaper drugstore counterparts.

So the conclusion is: if you have money to spare, these won't harm you. They consist of natural ingredients and smell nice. But is you expect a miracle you might be sadly disappointed. Drugstore products will work just as well, they just need to be used regularly.

Disclaimer: received in the Glossybox May

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