Sunday, 27 May 2012

Our first cache found!

We've made our first geocaching trip! We were supposed to find 3 hidden treasures but we ended up locating one. The other one was located somewhere along the main road and proved too hard to find with two little boys exploring the bushes in the roadside ditch and me getting scared of them running into the road.

Nonetheless we managed to get our satisfaction and located the cache in a rotten stump. Inside we found a logbook, owner's data, honorary certificates and a gadget to be passed on when we're allowed to plant our own caches (i.e. after finding 9 more caches).

Caught the bug. This is definitely what we're gonna do this summer. And above all it was such a warm, sunny day and the forest smelled sooooo lovely!

Then we made a picnic in the forest and Mikolaj poked a stick in his eye which turned all red. Had to go back home to consult a doctor, fortunately no treatment was needed apart from some drops. Adam enjoyed himself thoroughly cooking soup out of pine cones.

And I was staring at my new Inglot nail polish, not sure whether I liked it or not.

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