Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Korean goodies: All Nature Organic Mask Sheets review

One thing is certain: buying Memeboxes regularly keeps my sheet mask drawer constantly replenished.
#14 Zero Cosmetics edition arrived with 4 All Nature Organic Sheet masks, consisting of more than 50% organic extracts from superfoods like broccoli, black bean, blueberry and huttuynia cordat (???).

First of all I feel I need to comment upon the badly matched size of the masks. I do realise that Asian features are somewhat different than mine, but this seems to targets people with their faces wider than longer. Openings for eyes are small, the mask touches all eye area and I think some people may be sensitive to products that aren't specifically made to touch  this particularly delicate part of the face.  These masks, being on the small size, aren't as comfortable to wear as the other ones I've tried.

The first one I tried was the Blueberry one. Blueberry doesn't smell blueberry to me, more like rosemary or tea tree or lemongrass or something herbal. 
The mask felt less soaked than other masks so I dug out all liquid from the sachet and splashed all over the mask. The essence inside didnt feel sticky, but my face did for a long time after removing the product. 
I applied this on my sunburnt face and the calming and soothing and hydrating effect was noticeable.

Then I tried the Black Bean one and the only difference was that this definitely had a detectable bean scent, like tinned red beans. It was all right, but nothing lifechanging.

The Huttuynia cordat mask had a strong herbal scent, not as annoying as, say, Aesop cosmetics, but this smell definitely didn't add to my pleasure of wearing this mask. I have a very subjective impression that this one didn't leave my face as sticky as the other two did. When the remains of this mask absorbed fully or evaporated my face felt dry and in need of moisturiser, which hardly ever happens after using sheet masks.

I gave the broccoli one to my mum. Haven't heard her ompressions yet, but I think that out of all sheet masks I've had these might be the worst siuted to her skin's needs. 

I never repurchase these masks as I enjoy most of them. These don't stand out of the crowd or perhaps are slightly worse because of their ill-fitting shape.

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