Saturday, 11 October 2014

Korean goodies: Memebox Superbox #57 All About Brows unboxing

I ordered my Superbox #57 All About Brows because I was running low on many of my brow products and I also wanted to explore Korean innovations in the field of brow grooming, hoping I would be pleasantly surprised by many of them.

When the box arrived I was quite disappointed by its small size and 'emptiness', but let's be reasonable, brow products don't take as much space as shower gels or shampoos so it's impossible to pack a brow-only box full. 
There are 6 items in this Superbox, 4 colour products and 2 tools. 
I feared the shade range would be too dark for my fair, northern European skin tone, but to my astonishment the shades are pretty light, as if someone packing this box realised what geographical area the box was going to.  
I found most of the products useful and worth my interest, though qualitywise they leave a lot to wish for. 

1. Secret Kiss Choco Smudge Eybrow is an eyebrow mascara with a fairly large spindle-shaped spoolie, which does its job surprisingly well. Mine comes in shade 01 Milk Choco, which suits me well, but guess what? It's shimmery. On the one hand it makes my brows glossy, but on the other it's dangerously close to glitter. Not sure what I think about this.  

2. Shara Shara I Wanna Eyebrow Cake is a nice, handy compact that consists of 2 shades, a small slanted brush and a tiny spoolie. The packaging is pretty and classy, nothing like all these infantile pink boxes with piggies or kitties on lids. Mine comes in shade 01 Dark Grey which in practice means a black and a khaki gray powders which I thought woukld never work for me. I haven't even touched the black one, but the gray shade, being on the sheer side, suits my dark hair really well and doesn't look ridiculous.
The angled brush is too wide, but the spoolie is really handy.  

3. Happy Tool Lady's Eyebrows Razor is a very handy tool for any quick fix-ups. Tried it and liked it a lot. I've seen such razors in one of the online shops in Poland, I need to purchase a couple of these when this one goes blunt.

 4. Style Y Natural Sketch Eyebrow Pencil and Powder #01 Light Brown is an eyebrow pencil in a flat slanted shape on one end and a small powder container woth a sponge applicator on the other.  

This is the product that I'm not fully satisfied with qualitywise. The shade is a bit too light and too greenish for my taste, but this is not the worst thing. The problem is that this pencil is hard and sheer and try as I might I can barely see the results. If I try too hard I end up with my brows equally thick above my nose and in the outer perimeter, which isn't the look I normally go for.

The powder, however, does a good job filling in sparse areas in my brows and setting the pencil

5. Style Y Natural Sketch Eyebrow Simple Tattoo is a product that I was quite afraid to use as tattooed brows is something I find repulsive. Fortunately this product is very light and semi sheer. Applied with a tiny brush in short strokes doesn't tattoo the skin under my brows but adds some tint to the hairs and helps fill in the sparse areas. 

6. Etude House Ribbon Brow Scissor is the epitome of Korean cuteness. Just look at the polka dot handle! My brows are almost non-existent, so I never thought such a product would be of any use for me. Surprise, surprise! This has turned out to be an excent tool for clipping stray hairs.

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