Friday, 17 October 2014

Korean goodies: Memebox Superbox #59 Halloween Special review

I love Halloween despite the fact that it's nowhere near our Polish tradition, but my idea of Halloween is this spooky mist-wrapped atmosphere, dark candle-lit rooms, cobwebs, bats and spiders lurking from the corners,  mossy tombstones, sickly vampires, witch hats, goth make up and the smell of pumpkin spice and incense. I don't understand why people choose to dress up as a banana or an omelette or Miley Cyrus to a Halloween party when they can look like this

or like this.

I digress. But this is only to explain why I just couldn't let this box go and literally counted the days till its shipment. Even though I had concluded from the box description (look below) that this would mostly contain cosplay make-up items my excitement about the box was fueled by miscellaneous items appearing in other boxes. If such goodies like a purple and orange nail varnish combo, a vampire cream, a spider web cleansing foam, were to be found in non-Halloween theme boxes, I expected to be blown away by my Halloween special. 

I must sadly say that what I got was a bitter disappointment. Five products by the same brand and two sets of stickers. Six 'meh' products and only one I really liked. I don't mind getting professional body paints or special purpose make-up, but I expect quality no matter what use of the product. And those silly tattoos can't excite anyone more mature than my four-year-old son.
Is this supposed to be a Superbox? Have a look and see for yourselves.

1. Revecen Face Control Foundation in white is quite all right. The shade is occassion appropriate. I'll be using this as an eyeshadiow base to replace NYX pencil in Milk.

2. Revecen again, this time it's their Cake Eye Liner Black which can be used dry as and eyeshadow or wet as a gel-type liner. When dry it's hard and has no pigmentation whatsoever, I couldn't even swatch this. When wet it's decent, but I've got so many good gel liners that I don't see a point of using a low quality cake one. I need to mention that the quality of the packaging is low end drugstore, reminds me of Essence or Catrice.

3. And another Revecen product. This comes in the same packaging as the foundation, but this time it's a purple body paint. Supra Lining Color can be used on eyes, lips or body. I really like the shade and how pigmented it is and wanted to wear this on my lips, but it was way to dry and patchy. But on my eyes, in the outer corners this looks all right.

4. What next? You guessed it. Something Revecen. This time these are those big spiky lashes, mine in #5. I'll definitely wear these on Halloween and never again. 
5. And finally the last Revecen item in the box, the one I really, really liked. This Liquid Lipstick Blood  comes in a true blood shade which is brownish red and can be used to create bloody lip make-up or blood gushing out of eyes or mouth but I also wore it sheered out to work and it made a perfect opaque gloss for autumn.

6. Elizaveca Lip Tattoo is something I don't know what to think about. Basically, it's a lip sticker. The application seems fussy and I'm not sure how I am supposed to cut this to match my lip shape. 

7. LALANC Real Tattoo is a set of kids' tattoo stickers in the shape of crowns and crosses. No comment.


  1. Ah at least you got crosses! I got a bunch or winged biker themed tattoos!!!