Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Maybelline Express Remover review

Maybelline Express Remover is the second nail polish remover of this kind I've ever used.  This jar contains a sponge soaked in remover liquid, you dip your finger in it, rub it against the sponge a couple of times and it comes out clean. 
The thing is that this works perfectly for some time, but the remover inside gets polish tinted very quickly and stains fingers while removing the polish. 
I like the ease of using this kind of remover. The first one I bought was by Bourjois and it was just as good, but about twice more expensive, so the choice is obvious. I'm going to keep purchasing the Express Remover until I find something cheaper. 
I recommend this kind of nail polish remover for lazy people in a hurry who do not mind the expect connected with replacing it at least once a month.

 Disclaimer: I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.

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