Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Korean goodies: Milky Dress Bohr-effect Carboxy Gel review

I got this Milky Dress Bohr-effect Carboxy Gel in my Memebox OMG2 and it definitely did deliver in terms of  the OMG factor. This was the first sheet mask I got where the sheet and the essence came separate.
 After reading the description below, my curiosity rose and I gave it priority over other products. 

from the leaflet

When looking at the size of the tube I thought this would last for at least 2 or even 3 applications, but the tube is actually half empty, the substance inside is clear, colourless gel. The sheet is made of paper with some herbal particles on one side, which look like tea leaves. 
So, as instructed I applied about half the tube on my bare skin and tried to stick the sheet on top of that. First of all I didn't know what side up, but I figured that perhaps these particles are supposed to do something beneficial, so the closer to the skin the better. When the sheet touched my face I experienced terrible stinging on my face, comparable to acupuncture. So I removed the sheet instantly and flipped it to the other side, but the stinging continued. I decided to persevere. When I was slapping the rest of the gel onto the sheet, the stinging subsided and I felt as if foam was forming on my skin, like after using peroxy gel, but couldn't see any. 
from the packaging

I wore the mask for no more than 10 minutes, the main reason being that it didn't suit my face shape at all. The eye openings were too small and under no circumstances did I want this stinging thing in my eye area and the mask reached too low on my neck, which is good if you have enough time to pamper yourself lying flat for 20 minutes, but I don't happen to indulge in such luxury. I was carrying on with my daily chores when wearing the mask and the bottom kept coming unstuck on my neck area. At some point I just got fed up with adjusting this thing and just ditched it in fury. 

As for the results, I must say that they compensated for all the inconvenience of wearing the mask. My skin felt amazingly smooth for hours after the application, I also had the impression that my pores appeared smaller and my skin was less greasy than normally. 
All in all, I really liked the results, but I won't repurchase as the experience of wearing the mask was too traumatic for my liking. 

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