Monday, 13 June 2011

sick boys

The kids have been sick for over a week, running round the house, destroying my peace of mind, my small order, my personal possessions, my kitchen utensils, my computer end whatever else. They have such incredible stamina for somebody who is feverish, coughing, snotty nosed and sick.
In spite of all this mess I've managed to make an important observation: Mikolaj's hysterias suddenly ceased. He kept pushing his brother, tearing his toys away from him, screaming, but his nonsensical hysterical protests were gone. My conclusion is that although he loves his kindergarten he is constantly wondering what Adam is doing at home with me. Is he playing with mum? Is he touching my toys? Is he eating my biscuits? Is he building sand castles in the playground? Is mum hugging him? His curiosity intensifies towards the end of the day and turns to fury. He's trying to attract attention to himself by any means. I've made a resolution: I need to give him the attention he seeks even if it seems to me that we're giving him enough of our love, care, warmth. Both of us being the only children in our families have to learn a lot about parenting these two little brats so as not to harm any of them.

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