Sunday, 9 June 2013

Sisley All Day All Year essential anti-aging day care review

The kids are at their grandma's so I'm enjoying the first lazy Sunday morning in months.
I'm taking advantage of this time and trying out samples products which would be too risky in the morning hurry as they may ruin my make-up being too dry or too oily or give me some allergic reaction.

My first pick was All Day All Year day care cream because it seemed the most appropriate on Sunday morning.
This is a white cream of average cream consistency. The first thing you'll notice about this cream is  its super strong fragrance. This product contains no artificial fragrance, the smell comes from natural oils the product contains. I like fragranced cosmetics, but I was quite put off by the strength of the smell, also the presence of volatile oils makes me afraid of getting skin or eye irritation or allergic reactions. Fortunately, nothing happened.

This cream is supposed to be a day cream to be used on all skin types all year long. There's no such thing as a cream for all skin types that is appropriate for all seasons and conditions throughout the year. This ususally means a highly moisturising cream for dry to normal skin. And this exactly is the case here. This cream is too oily for my skin. True to the description, my skin is glowy, but in case of oily skin this means shine and lower performance of foundations. I tend to use highly moisturising creams at night, but since this one is specifically a day cream I'm not sure whether it could be used this way.  

What I liked about this cream is that it made my face feel very smooth and soft. It looked kind of nice and fresh. I also appreciate the high content of natural oils and extracts.

To conclude, if you have dry skin and don't mind the high content of essential oils and are ready to fork out a substantial amount of money on skin care, this might be a cream for you.

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