Sunday, 23 June 2013

weekly snippets #1

This has been an eventful week. It seems like most events concern Mikolaj.

Mikolaj learned to ride the bike in one day, which reflects his character a lot. There's no middle ground in his world. Things are either black or white. The learning process is unnoticeable, things just happen overnight when the right time comes. When he was 2 he barely spoke at all. Then it started and after a couple of weeks of practice he was able to say 'Mum gimme a biscuit, life's not easy,you know'. Potty training took us about 2 weeks resulting in complete elimination of nappies even at night time.And now he's learned to ride a bike.

On the second evening of bike riding practice Miki got a severe allergic reaction to some kind of grass growing in the park. The night care pediatrician misinterpreted the symptoms and we ended up in hospital having his eyes tested for infection. Under the influence of the medication he received the symptoms subsised the following day but we received information that our son is allergic to something in the air. From now on we'll need to travel with all the medicaments necessary to combat the symptoms.

Mikolaj went to two birthday parties arranged in these play areas in shopping centres. One of them was actually a post-industrial loft with millions of attractions for the little brats. The kids looked like monkeys in a zoo and we, the parents, were sitting on the sofas watching their evolutions in the air. Only the tails were missing. It was so hot that I literally melted into the faux leather sofa.

Mikolaj has completed the first stage of his education successfully. We all went to the end-of-year show and heard him say two sentrnces in English in public. Amazing. I always have tears in my eyes when I see how distressed and clumsy he is when performing in his pre-school.

The sudden heatwave we're experiencing these days encouraged me to take the kids to the beach. I loved the fun they had whole playing there but I loved going back in the midday heat much less. I had to carry a backpack, two diggers, two buckets, a couple of spades and rakes, a fire engine and an ambulance and finally also Adam and I thought I would have a stroke. When I returned home my face was tomato red, not because of sun burns as my Korean and Japanese sunscreens do their jobs really well, but because of the heat.

On Saturday morning Kuba had a brainwave and he conceived a wonderful way to spend a lazy afternoon. He took us to an Italian pizza place in Wrzeszcz by tram and bus. Travelling on the public means of transport constitutes a major attraction for the boys as they are normally driven everywhere by car. For me, this is an opportunity to observe people I don't normally meet in my life. And god, how ugly we are! Especially men. Nine-month pregnancy bellies hidden under those awful t-shirts with silly prints, knee-long patterned shorts with bulging pockets and sandals worn over white socks with Nike logo (a display of financial status, I suppose). Women tend to sport excessive tan which makes all of them look 20 years older.
Anyway, the pizza place turned out to be a very nice restaurant, run by real Italians, who don't speak Polish at all and who communicated with us in broken English. So cosmopolitan! And the pizza was heaven!

While getting ready for our journey I told Kuba to wipe the remains of chocolate off Mikokolaj's face. He did it so thoroughly that he pulled a tooth out of Mikolaj's jaw. I need to mention that the tooth had been barely moving. The tooth fairy brought Mikolaj 5zloty and when we asked what he was going to do with the money he said he would save the money he received for all his teeth and buy something later. Hmmm, we thought the tooth fairy was interested in the first tooth only, now she needs to revise her funds and Mikolaj needs a piggybank.

And finally, we went to a lovely party at Anka's which didn't end all that well for the three of us. Anka and me in particular. Drinking two bottles of sparkling wine wasn't really such a good idea, was it, my dear? Not to mention my own achievements, haha. No photographs taken.

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