Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer in #46 Berry Potter & Plumbledore, #55 Get the Blues and #39 Back to the Routes review & swatches

When rummaging through Hebe drugstore nailpolish displays I came across these 3 beauties from Catrice. I was simply mesmerised by the duochrome nature of two of them and added the black one to make my 3-for-2 purchase complete. All three of them turned out to be outstanding, budget-friendly nail polishes. 

#46 Berry Potter & Plumbledore (oh these puns) is a plum-berry base with teal sheen duochrome. I love duochromes for they hold a mystery and can look so different depending on the light and angle. 2 coats were fully opaque and strek free and the duochrome effect was very strong and visible. This is a perfect shade, especially for autumn. 

#55 Get the Blues is slightly less adorable than Berry Potter & Plumbledore. Get the Blues is way sheerer than Berry Potter & Plumbledore and the duochromatic effect is less visible as the 2 shades don't contrast that much. This is a blue leaning green kind of shade with purple undertones. Sometimes this looks like warm denim blue, sometimes some marine blue shades dominate.

This polish is a 3-coater, but it applies evenly and streak free. I really enjoyed its metallic finish combined with non-obvious cool-toned blue shade.

And finally #39 Black to the Routes, which is the only black polish in my collection and an amazing one indeed. I don't wear black polish on its own so in the pictures below you can see it combined with my favourite Sephora top coat in Silver Fever.

Black polishes seem to be quite the same, yet Black to the Routes is the blackest soot raven black possible, it's almost fully opaque in one coat, but I added one more, just in case. It's wide, paddle shaped brush makes it easy to apply in 1-2 strokes.
The formula is asphalt-dense, dries quickly to an elegant shiny finish.
This is a budget-friendly polish which displays such stunning quality that is second to none.
I must start wearing this on its own, it's soo freakin' pretty.
If you're looking for a good black polish, save your pennies and don't get all those OPIs, ESSIEs  or Morgan Taylors as this one is going to deliver just as well or perhaps even better just for a fraction of the price.

Overall, this hasn't been my first encounter with Catrice nail polish, but either the formula has changed or these three were the lucky picks which made me rave about this decently sized, extremely budget-friendly and superb quality polishes. I'll definitely be getting more Catrice polishes if more shades catch my eye.   

Disclaimer: I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.

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