Thursday, 29 January 2015

Korean goodies: WondeRuci Cacao Brightening Mask review

I got this WondeRuci Cacao Brightening Mask in one of my first Memeboxes around July. I've been using this since then and now I'm almost done with it and I'm about to discard whatever is left there because I'm quite fed up with it.

This mask contains cacao and smells like chocolate, tastes sweet too (no, no I wasn't trying to eat it, some of it just got into my mouth when I was washing it off). It promises to cleanse away  dirt and impurities that accumulate in pores while moisturising and brightening the skin.

The mask has a dense, gooey consistency, I can sense some exfoliating micro particles in it, and it feels quite warm on the face, which may help open the pores and unclog them. During the application it feels very pleasant on the face which can mostly be attributed to the gorgeous chocolate scent and also to the fact that it doesn't dry to a crust and never feels tight on the skin.

What I absolutely hate about this mask is the removal process. It stubbornly clings to my face and refuses to come off. It leaves this weird, slimey residue, which I'm not sure if is meant to be left on the face or rinsed, I wipe it off my face with a cloth, otherwise it stays on my face together with some particles of cocoa which look like dirt.
This tedious, messy and time-consuming process would be more bearable if the results were worth the effort and I don't think this mask does anything particular to my face. I do notice that my skin is softer, but is it really brighter and cleaner? Are my pores properly taken care of ? Not really.

This is not a bad mask at all, but a busy person like me, who doesn't have time to wear a different mask each day and has to make choices based on effort:effifiency ratio, will pick something other that guarantees more spectacular all-in-one results.    


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    1. It was nice, but I found it hard to remove, like actually many Korean masks I've used