Saturday, 31 January 2015

NARS Contour Blush in Olympia review & swatches

I have a round face and no matter how slim I am, which I'm not, but I used to be, I look chubby. That's why  the discovery of contouring has turned out to be one of the milestones in my make-up. But the art of contouring isn't easy when you're cool-toned and fair. Many products turn orange or muddy or look too obvious.
Last year I bought a number of contouring products and NARS Conrour Blush in Olympia turned out to be one of my ultimate favourites. 

 The compact consists of two powders, one is an ivory matte highlighter and the other one is a fair rosy taupey contour shade. 
The highlight shade consistently receives good reviews, but I fail to notice what it does. I have fair caucasian skin and it's simply invisible on me. It's matte and I have oily skin, so I thought this would be a perfect alternative for those shimmery highlighters which accentuate pores and make me look like I'm sweating, but no, this does nothing to me. This is a nice setting powder, but doesn't seem to highlight, shape and sculpt anything.
But the real winner is the contour one, which is a perfect match for my skintone. It's fair, but not fair enough to be invisible. It marks the contour, but without looking too ashy, dirt-like, reminiscent of Michael Jackson's Thriller like many other contour shades do. It allows me to create the shadow which makes a good contour without looking too obvious. 
This powder is a no-brainer. Just apply with a narrow or pointed brush, blend slightly and you're good to go.

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