Monday, 12 January 2015

Essie Ridge Filling Base Coat review

This is going to be a very quick and matter-of-fact review. 
I have nice, long nails but their surface is very uneven. I used to file and buff my nail plate or didn't bother at all until I discovered Essie Ridge Filling Base Coat. 
This is a pastel peachy coat that evens out the surface perfectly in one coat. It dries almost instantly and acts as a perfect base for nail polish, providing the kind of grip I like. 
When topped with nail polish my ridges become invisible and my nails look so smooth and polished. I feel I've found my perfect base coat which I'm going to repurchase until it's discontinued. 
The only thing I don't understand is the anti-age claim. I have no idea what this means, so I won't comment upon this as the primer is just perfect whether it does have any anti-ageing quality or not.   


  1. its great to see your still blogging, I use that inglot eyeliner brush all the time x

    1. awww! so nice to hear that! great to hear from you? how are you doing?

    2. im good, trying to get my life on track but nice to see things like this that reminds me of the old days :) how are you sweetie?

    3. Everything will be back to normal, trust me! I'm fine, I'd like to hear from you from time to time