Thursday, 15 January 2015

Korean goodies: Tosowoong Body Scrub Wash review

Korean body products aren't what Korean skincare is famous for and to be honest, I'd never order any shower gel or body butter from Korea if I were making my own conscious choice. However, being a Memebox addict I regularly get all sorts of products, including bathroom essentials. 

I welcomed the arrival of this Tosowoong Perfume Body Scrub Wash with pleasure as I'd just run out of my previous body scrub. Although I'm still not planning to order my body care from Korea, simply because I don't believe my body needs such an effort, I must admit that this product is one of the best multitaskers I've ever used. 
There's nothing not to love about this scrub. The packaging is simple and basic, definitely lacking in the typical Asian cuteness factor, but it's practical and handy when you use it both in the bath and shower. It combines the properties of shower gel and body scrub. The product lathers well and washes my skin while exfoliating it with small and non-abrasive, yet fully effective ground apricot stone pieces. On top of that it has this lovely scent which is fresh and zesty and sugary sweet at the same time. 

Being a real  multitasker this product saves a busy woman like me plenty of time and it's also a great pleasure to use. I normally hate repeat products in Memeboxes, but I definitely wouldn't mind getting this particulat one again.

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