Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Korean goodies: False lashes from Memeboxes overview

For the past couple of months I've been receiving quite a lot of Koreran false lashes, mostly by the same brand, Secret Star Girl, but also one pair by Revecen. I don't wear false lashes, but I've been feeling festive recently so I gave them a go and I also bought 2 pairs of eyelashes by  Eyelure and Tanya Burr, so I have something to compare these with. I'd also reviewed a pair of Etude House lashes here.

Well, to be honest, Korean lashes are far from being my favourite and while I'm generally hooked and I'm about to start experimenting with false lashes on special occassions, but not with those Korean ones.  

It's not a problem of style as 2 out of 4 pairs are quite cute and wearable and the other 2 are preposterous and I can never wear them unless I want to look like an ageing drag queen.
The thing is that they're generally very plasticky. The strip is wide plastic, which isn't as flexible and bendable and thus not as comfortable as I'd wish them to be. The lashes are also stiff and plastic, not tied in small knots but melted together. The glue attached is useless, it never got tacky enough to stick the lashes in place, they kept migrating and getting unstuck at the edges and ruined my make-up. When I used the glue attached to Tanya Burr or Eyelure lashes, they applied nicely.

My favourites here are Secret Star Girl Cutie Lash no.10 which form a criss-cross pattern of longer, thicker lashes and smaller, shorter lashes along the lashline. They add volume and length without looking too unnatural. I really like the style and would wear them more often if the strip was more bendable and generally thinner and softer to match my eye shape better. I needed to trim them as well as they were far too long. 

On the positive note, those sturdy plastic lashes are easy to clean. They don't get deformed during the process of picking glue from the strip or removing traces of mascara from the lashes. I think they're indestructible, while on my European lashes I can see symptoms of wear after a single use.  

So, to recap,  I must say that I very much prefer my western lashes in almost all aspects, they're softer, more flexible and comfortable, lighter, more natural, blend better with my own lashes, the glue is more efficient and doesn't ruin make-up, they feel weightless on the lids etc. but unfortunately they're not as durable as their Korean counterparts.  

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