Sunday, 4 January 2015

Garnier Miracle Skin Cream Eyes and Miracle Cream review & swatches

Today I'd like to review two good, affordable products which share the same flaw, the shade. I'm talking about two new releases from Garnier Miracle line. They're an eye cream and a moisturiser which look white at first glance, but upon closer inspoection you'll notice tiny little green beads which turn skin colour when melted and heated. 
This idea is not terribly new to me as I once had a Lioele Dollish BB Cream which looked exactly like that, though the consistency and function was obviously very different.

The Miracle Skin Cream Eyes promises immediate disappearance of signs of fatigue and smoother skin around the eyes and reduction of wrinkles and fine lines in the long term. 
I've had the cream for a couple of weeks now, but I don't use it regularly enough to be able to talk about  any line reduction, so I'll focus on the more visible results.

When blended the cream is tinted so it does do away with some redness or discolouration, the problem is thst it's way too dark and too yellow for my skin tone. This dark yellow shade certainly doesn't brighten anything but it does conceal somewhat. 

This cream will not replace a concealer or a highlighter because it's too dark and too sheer, but it's a very nice moisturiser. It goes on smooth and hydrates well, though is not the best or the most irreplaceable or the most effective eye cream  I've used.  But it's very decent.

And now on to Miracle Skin Cream which makes me quite confused. In Poland the external packaging says the product targets a 40+ age group and mentions no SPF whatsoever, while the cream sold in the UK is not meant for any age group but contains SPF20. The tube inside looks identical, mine was made in France (just like every other traded in Europe, I suppose), the ingredients are identical (I went through them one by one) the claims are the same, yet how come one guarantees sun protection and the other one does not? Correct me if I'm wrong, but to the best of my lay knowledge there's no single sunscreen ingredient (it may contain titanium dio0xide, but it woudn't bet it does).

Anyway, let's go on with the review.
The tube holds a very nice, lightweight cream which I found higly moisturising without feeling tacky on the skin. It absorbed quickly, leaving my skin half dewy / half matte. This cream makes a perfect make-up base for my oily skin, but I have a feeling that dry skin types would enjoy this even more.  

This cream, just like the eye cream, is tinted and again the shade is dark and yellow. Used sparingly, this cream will somehow blend with my NC12 winter skin, but it leaves this odd jaundiced yellow cast and generally makes my face look more fake tanned than any self tanner. I feel this self-adjusting formula is just a gimmick and the cream would actually be much better without the tint which happens to be its selling point. 

The cream has a very strong fragrance, kind of artificial floral, which I personally find nice but might bother many.  

I do use the cream in spite of all my reservations, but I wish there were different shades to choose from for everyone to match their skin types.

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