Saturday, 3 January 2015

Korean goodies: Memebox Superbox #80 Pumpkin Pie Cosmetics unboxing

I must have misread the description of Pumpkin Pie Cosmetics Memebox as all my attention focused on the word pumpkin and paid none to pie. So when the box arrived, I was unpleasantly surprised to find only one pumpkin-related item. The remaining ones are supposed to represent other ingredients used to make a pie.  

1. Dearberry Coco's Secret Recipe Pumpkin is the only pumpkin item in the box. It's a wash-off mask which promises to replenish, brighten and clarify dull and uneven complexion.

2. Insobeau Multi Complex V-line Repair Sleeping Mask has a very peculiar custard-like consistency and texture. It's a blend of adenosine, peptide, argan oil, collagen, albutin and ceramides to deliver moisture and brighten. 
This is the only product from the box I've opened and I quite like it so far.

3. Enesti Shea Butter Hand Cream Lemon & Verbena is the second cream by the brand. I've used up the previous one which didn't impress me much, like all other Korean hand creams. I don't expect much of this one, though shea butter is always a nice ingredient.

4. Tonymoly Gold Black Sugar Mask is a face scrub containing black sugar, honey and gold. I've got a similar mask by Skinfood waiting in my stash to be used, but this one also pleases me greatly.

5. Enesti Day to Day Rice & Milk  Foam Cleansing promises to remove impurities gently, promoting a brighter, better complexion.


  1. I think everyone was disappointed! I actually really wanted it since I am into pie and pumpkin but with so many nice pumpkin products this box was pretty sad! I would love to read a review about the pumpkin kitty though :)

    1. I'm about to start testing this mask as soon as I've used the remains of the mask I'm stuck with now