Saturday, 10 January 2015

MAC eye Khol in Teddy review & swatches

So many people have reviewed MAC Teddy eye kohl that I feel no one is going to be interested in my review. But the reason I'm determined to write it is that I was quite surprised when I got it and couldn't really figure out why it became so popular. Or perhaps why it has remained a cult product throughout the years. 

The shade is very pretty, but I don't think it's undupable. It's a fairly dark red-toned brown with shimmer. It goes on smoothly but it's not as soft as other eyeliner pencils in my possession, which has both negative and positive consequences. Soft pencils glide smoothly on the lids without dragging or pulling but they melt and their tips tend to break off. 
But what I found surprising in the era of excellent, everlasting water and smudgeproof eyeliners from all shelves and price ranges is that MAC Teddy never sets. This may be good if smudgy eyeliner is what you're after, but I prefer those that last longer and do not budge. 
A couple of years ago most eyeliners were like this, but we've moved forward since then. 
I like this eyeliner and I use it a lot, but feel it's not worth the hype and definitely the money it costs.   

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