Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Korean goodies: Etude House Blending Sleeping Cream review

I'd like to review today one of my latest Memebox offerings, the Etude House Blending Sleeping Cream. Look at the image below if you want to learn about its claims and some of the ingredients, I'll focus here on my subjective feelings and impressions. 
Well, to be honest, my feelings are mixed. 
Let's first start with the packaging. This cream comes in a single-dose portion that has received this fancy plastic spoon packaging. The product is sealed, when you remove the protective plastic foil you'll notice a small amount of pinkish gel and cream which are to be mixed together before application. There was more than enough product for one application, so I used at two subsequent bedtimes.  

I both liked and disliked the packaging. It looks fun, but it isn't practical at all. This costs $2, which is a lot for a single application of a product you need daily. But on the other hand, this would make a perfect travel companion. It's small and lightweight, easy to pack and carry around.
I don't also get the idea of blending creams. I've used a blending cream before and couldn't understand the purpose of blending the two together. And I still don't. I mean, the final product was nice, but couldn't it have been blended back in the factory to spare me the fuss? 
All in all, the blending cream was very smooth and it applied leaving an almost siliconey film. I would describe it as highly moisturising and suitable for all skin types, especially that it's meant to be a night cream or a night pack. Made my skin feel incredibly smooth and pleasant to touch. 

I would consider getting this as my night time moisturiser if it was sold blended in some tub or jar. Sold as a spoon, it makes a nice gift or a freebie.

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