Sunday, 18 January 2015

Paula's Choice Clear Ultra-light Daily Mattifying Fluid Broad Spectrum SPF30+ review


I'd heard soooo much about Paula's Choice about how good the brand is for troubled skin and how it targets all kinds of concerns, how carefully they pick all ingredients to resolve problems without irritating sensitive skin etc. that when I saw that they have opened a Polish online branch, I instantly jumped at the opportunity to test some of their products. 

My main concern is oily skin, so I picked 2 creams from Clear and Resist lines that promise to matify the skin and today I'm going to review the one I've almost used up, Clear Ultra-Light Daily Matifying Fluid Broad Spectrum SPF30+.

Having read the description on the website, I was under the impression that the fluid was supposed to keep my face matte and mininize the appearance of pores and protect my skin from the harmful influence of sun rays. Upon arrival, when I read the description on the product itself, I arrived at the conclusion that this is actually a sunscreen more than anything else. And after testing the product my fears were only confirmed.

This fluid does have a lightweight consistency indeed and it goes on very well, absorbs quickly and leaves a sort of semi-matte finish. However, I haven't noticed any sebum control nor smaller pores. My oilies broke through within minutes, nothing dramatic, but I expected better results from a mattifier.
What's more, the fluid has this characteristic sunscreen smell that I hate so much.

If I had been looking for a good sunscreen, I would have picked a Korean or a Japanese one from my stash. This product doesn't offer any skincare properties, it's anti-aging claims clearly result from the sun protection thing. 
This may not be a bad product, but it's marketed in the wrong way. I wouldn't be so disappointed if I had bought this as an oily skin appropriate sunscreen. 
From a mattifier I expect something more.

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