Sunday, 25 January 2015

Korean goodies: Memebox Global #18 unboxing

Today I'd like to unbox one of the last Memeboxes I've ordered so far. There's one more Memebox Global to come, probably being shipped today, but I'll certainly be getting at least one more to spend my Memepoints on.
Memebox Global #18 was a solid skincare box. As usual I liked some items more than other, but overall I believe this is a pretty decent box that should suit everyone's taste. 

1. Purederm Shower Jelly is a total novelty for me. It's a piece of soap that comes in a pot, looks like jelly, but is actually quite solid. It comes with its own mesh bag, which will come in handy for other soaps that I've got. I'm actually quite excited to give it a go.

Product no. 2 is another Dr. MJ cream, but I continously hear good opinions of this brand, so I'm not disappointed. This cream contains bee venom, propolis, tea tree, rosemary and calendula extracts. Promises to rejuvenate and create protective moisture barrier. Sounds great! 

3. echoice Hand Therapy is a hand cream with shea butter and rose extracts. I don't have dry hands and I'm not demanding as far as my hand creams are concerned. More often than not I forget to use them, so I wasn't terribly excited when I got this, especially that I've still got about 10 other hand creams from Memeboxes waiting their turn.

4. Puresmile Animal Point Pad is a repeat product. I've already used up 2 sachets of these. They offer extra moisture boost to dry and flaky areas of your skin. They're a kind of sheet maks that can be applied in places in need. I cut them in half and wear under my eyes when I'm doing my make-up. They function as shields protecting the area from fallout and moisturise nicely at the same time.

Product no.5 is 3 deluxe samples of Derma Lift Intensiderm Aqua Rich Cream, which totalled almost reach the amount of a full-size product. I've tried a bit of this cream and I really liked it! It's sooo moisturising, yet fast-absorbing and smoothing! This was perfect for my oily skin, but I suppose those of us who have dry skin, but don't like heavy creams to sit on their faces, could benefit from this one as well. 

And finally, product no.6, which turned out to be the gimmick of the box. Touch By Lee Kyung Min Extreme Shield Master is a 2.2 ml concealer-like tube of super dense and heavy oil which is so sticky that feels like syrup to me. 
It's supposed to take care of white flakes and visible dead skin, hence it's weird spiky rubber applicator I suppose.
The thing is that there's barely any product inside and this thing costs $46!!!!! What's more the packaging is flimsy, rattling, made of bad quality plastic with click mechanism which doesn't work is so unrevealing of the high price tag. It takes approximately 30 clicks to get a tiny little drop out of this pen. It's more frustrating than  beneficial. 

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