Monday, 1 April 2013

Affordable make-up: Rimmel BB Cream 9-in1 Super Make-up in Light review

Before writing this review I read a couple of blog reviews to check whether my opinion was similar to that of other bloggers and I came to a conclusion that the European and American versions of this BB Cream are two completely different things. Mine is just the opposite of whatever my BB Cream guru, the Muse said here.

The European and the American Rimmel BB Creams seem to have three things in common: price, which is about $5, limited colour range and relatively high SPF, namely 25.

I have mixed feelings about this BB cream. To my surprise, this cream reminded me of the less lightweight Korean BB creams I've tried.

Let me start with the good:
Anyone who has used both the Korean and European/Ametican BB creams knows that while the Korean ones offer very decent coverage, the western world imitations resemble tinted moisturisers. This is not the case with this Rimmel BB cream. To my surprise the coverage it offers is medium to full, especially when paired with Rimmel Stay Matte powder. What's more this turned out to be one of the longest-lasting foundations in my possession.
When talking about the advantages I need to mention again one of the highest SPFs in such products - SPF25 and the incredibly low price - approximately $5.5.

Unfortunately this BB cream is extremely hard to apply. 
The consistency is thick and dries very quickly. I spent considerable amount of time trying to figure out the best method of application, used it over different moisturisers, primers and with different tools. It looks best when applied with a flat brush over a typical silicone primer. This is the best method, which doesn't mean it makes the BB cream look airbrushed or streak-free.
The final result is that this BB cream looks like a heavy, high coverage foundation applied by an artless amateur.

One of the 9 benefits of the BB cream promised by the manufacturer is long-term matte effect. Well, there's none from the beginning till the end. This BB cream looks very dewy on my face and I need to set it with a considerable amount of mattifying powder. When paired with Rimmel Stay Matte it achieves full coverage, yet my skin looks like it's covered in plaster.

I bought this cream in the shade Light and it's too dark for my NW20 skin at this time of the year. Perhaps it'll make a beter match when I get some tan.

To sum up, I want to say that there are a couple of things I liked about this BB Cream but overall I find it quite disappointing. It would make a good product for the summer due to its shade, SPF and good lasting power, but it's way too heavy, oily and noticeable.

Disclaimer: I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.

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