Friday, 19 April 2013

Maybelline Dream Mat Powder #04 Vanilla Rose review

Having to spend all my life trying to combat oily shine on my forhead and my chin means constant search of powders which would spare me from my problem.
Although I lost all hope ages ago, I haven't given up testing various products available on the market.  

Today I'm going to review another purchase of mine, namely the Maybelline Dream Mat powder.
I really like the packaging it comes in. This ingenious little compact contains everything you may need for tough ups on the go. The see-through lid opens up to reveal the powder and the bottom sliding sideways contains a puff and a mirror. The lid closes tightly enough to prevent any chance opening and messying the make bag. 

The powder shade matches my fair complexion well but the product is rather transparent so it doesn't add much colour to my make-up. I could probably get away with a variety of other shades as well. I treat this as an advantage cause I expect my setting powders to keep my make up in place without altering my foundation shade.

The powder is really finelly milled but not too powdery so my brush never picks too much product. It loks  looks velvety when applied and doesn't tend to look cakey.

As far as its matifying function is concerned it's pretty standard on me. My oilies usually break through within 2 hours and I noticed no difference when using this powder. 

When talking of drugstore powders I suppose comparisons with the famous Rimmel Stay Matte powder are unavoidable.
I can't support my opinion with any objective arguments but I have a feeling that the Rimmel one performs slightly better. It's kind of softer I suppose and its translucent version looks great on my skin, at least in the moment of application.
Both of them keep my face shine free for about two hours, then I need to blot.
Both these powders are drugstore products and are equally affordable, the Maybelline one being slightly more expensive.
The packaging of Maybelline Dream Mat powder is way better, though the pan itself is much smaller than the Rimmel one, which means that the fuller brushes I've got don't fit in the pan.

All in all I believe this powder is a good drugstore buy. I probably won't repurchase cause I tend to like Rimmel Stay Matte better, but I feel that Maybelline Dream Mat powder is not a waste of money either.

Disclaimer: I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.

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