Friday, 5 April 2013

Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Makeup #5 review

I'd been dancing around this foundation since a lovely lady at Armani counter offered to make some samples for me to try out. What put me off quite successfully was the price, but last month with some extra birthday money I finally made it happen.

First of all, I need to say that this product is never referred to as foundation. It says fusion make-up on the box and I think this term is right. This product feels soo much different than any other foundation or BB cream I've tried. 
It is sold in a matte glass bottle which, instead of a traditional dispenser is equipped with a pipette with which you can measure precious drops of this elixir. You need to give the bottle a good shake and dispense as much as you need and apply it with your hands. I've tried a couple different methods of application and the one recommended by the manufacturer is the best one indeed. The substance inside the bottle is extremely liquidy, almost watery, more watery than any other runny foundation I've tried, eg. Urban Decay Naked Skin or Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid Make-Up.

This "Fusion Makeup" is not oil free, on the contrary, it is composed of oils and pigment and free of water and powder.

The shade I picked is #5 which makes quite a good match for my untanned NW20 skin. The foundation is rather sheer so it self-adjusts pretty well. 

The product contains SPF15.

Although I have mixed feelings about this foundation, which I'm going to elaborate on below, after consulting the manufacturer's website I must say that it fulfils whatever it claims in all respects, which is very rare.
  Giorgio Armani Fusion Makeup promises to blend into skin on application, make you forget you're wearing make-up, be easy to apply, give rapid and perfect make-up result every time, be a pleasure to use and correct imperfections without buildup. It does not promise to mattify, last all day or cover acne. 
As no promise is broken I think no feeling of dissatisfaction can be justified, user's ignorance and lack of knowledge of what product they are dealing with is more to blame here.

Having said all this I'd like now to say what I my feelings about this product are no matter if they are relevant to the manufacturer's claims or not. My intention is to help you make conscious decision and decide whether you need this product or not.

This foundation feels AMAZING on the skin. It stirs instant feeling of love in my heart. It resembles the gentlest skincare product rather than make up. It's easy to apply with your fingers, glides on the skin smoothly and makes you feel pampered but not wearing make up at all. No need for millions of brushes and non-streaky foolproof application is guaranteed.
It contains oils but it doesn't look oily when applied. I would describe the finish as satin, which would compliment all skin types. It doesn't cause any breakouts on my oily skin.
It generally evens out the skin tone and makes you glow in an instant.

This product is fragrance-free and contains SPF15.
The consistency is very runny but not unmanageable.
The coverage is sheer, which is good for those of us with no skin problems but a major disadvantage for anyone who has something to hide.

Armani Maestro lasts on my skin only for a couple of hours no matter whether I use it on bare skin or over a primer.
This product may be layered but I didn't notice any better coverage.
This foundation is insanely expensive and it gets used up really quickly. This is not the kind of product that will cover your entire face with just a drop.
The foundation makes no attempt to control oil. At first the finish looks satin but then my oilies break out and at this point the foundation starts to fade.
Although the idea of pipette instead of a pump is rather cute and looks very professional I must say that the dispenser gets sooo dirty within days when you replace the cap with your fingers all messed up with the foundation. Of course you may wash your hands first, but I usually forget to screw the top back after that.

This foundation was love at first sight but as it often happens with loves at first sight  when emotions cool down and you face the mundane reality of everyday life together you ask yourself questions like: what was I thinking? I am not terribly disappointed but I need to accept the fact that unique as it is, this foundation is not the best foundation in the world. I will eternally love the texture and the feel of this product, however, I'd love this foundation to stay on my face longer and more matte.

Disclaimer: I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.

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