Sunday, 14 April 2013

Schwarzkopf BC Hairtherapy Oil Miracle review

I received this sample of Schwarzkopf hair oil in one og my Glossyboxes and this is the third hair oil I've tried so far.
This one is not a dry oil like my L'Oreal Miracle Oil, it resembles the Moroccan Oil much more. It does make my dry hair more shiny and bouncy but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone with normal to oily hair.

There isn't much to say about hair oil. It's oily, yellow and has candy sweet smell. It improves my hair condition temporarily, by which I mean it makes it look better and shinier when styling bit it has no influence on hair condition in general.

I like using hair oils, I liked this one just as much as my Moroccan Oil. If I were to make the choice between these two I'd probably choose the Morrocan Oil just because I liked the smell better. But most probably I'll just pick a completely different one just out of curiosity.

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