Friday, 26 April 2013

Milani Color Statement lipsticks in Naturally Chic (#25), Chilled Brandy (#22), Plumrose (#17) and Cherry Crave (#06) review

Today I'm going to review 4 Milani lipsticks from their brand new Color Statement line.
The reason why these lipsticks attracted my attention was that they received equivocal acclaim from all reviewers, both those who specialise in drugstore and high-end make up. I was greatly impressed by the packaging and the swatches so when I saw 20% off offer on Cherry Culture I decided to take advantage of it and pick a couple of shades.

While I believe these are quite decent lipsticks, I cannot really understand the hype. 
On the positive side I can say they are nicely pigmented, last pretty long and I'm satisfied with most of the shades I picked.
Unfortunately I cannot think of anything more to say about the merits of these lipsticks. I mean, they're all right, just an average drugstore product, but nothing really to write home about.

First of all, I must say that the packaging looks more luxurious in the pictures. Upon personal inspection you notice how plastic it is. Although the design is different, they bring to my mind L'Oreal Color Riche lipsticks. 

Secondly every single lipstick I bought has a kind of weird smell. Sort of grassy watermelon sweetness, not my favourite at all. 

And thirdly, these lipsticks are not as creamy as they claim to be. I found the texture of most of them quite hard, that's why they weren't the smoothest to apply. What's more I felt immediate dryness on my lips which are normally in a fairly good condition. These lipsticks were rather long-lasting only because they were as thick and heavy and drying as typical matte lipsticks. 

In spite of my slightly unfavourable opinion about these lipsticks I can say that I'm not disappointed by the 4 shades I picked.
You can see them swatched below is the following order: #25 Naturally Chic, #22 Chilled Brandy, # 17 Plumrose, #06 Cherry Crave.

Here they go one by one:
Naturally Chic is a beautiful nude. It's a kind of caramel beige with rosy undertones with cream finish. I feel this is one of those rare flatter-all shades. It's neither too dark nor too light. I seldom wear nudes but I definitely need at least one of them my stash in case I need to look quite decent.
Chilled Brandy turned out to be a miss. It's way too dark to look flattering and it applied rather unevenly. Although when worn sheerly (patted on with a finger or applied with a brush) it looks substantially better, still it's not the lipstick I reach for with pleasure. I'm just too old to look good in such dark shades, but if you're into Goth looks you might consider getting this one. Reminds me of my old times instantly. 
The shade is wine colour with frosty finish.

Plumrose is another shade which lies within most poeple's comfort zone. The name suggests plum purple undertones, but I fail to notice any. It seems to me a kind of rosy neutral, though in broad daylight this shade tends to look rather bold. 
I would describe it as a kind of mauvy rose colour with cream finish.  

Cherry Crave is my favourite out of these three. It's a bright red lipstick with shimmer. This shade will flatter both yellow and pink complexions cause it seems to balance warm and cool undertones well. In fact I thought it would be more on the cooler side, but it's very pretty anyway. Applies evenly, lasts long and it's a genuinely gorgeous shade.

Disclaimer: I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.

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