Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Urban Decay Oz the Great and Powerful Theodora palette review

Urban Decay Theodora eyeshadow palette is one of the prettiest eyeshadow palettes in my collection. The reason I went mad about this palette was, apart from the beautiful shadow selection, the fact that the eyeshadows come in a customizable pan, which will enable me to replace the shades I don't quite like with some other ones I'll order later and moreover, instead of the typical UD eyeshadow base sample as a freebie it came with this gorgeous red lip pencil, which will receive a separate review soon. 

So, to the point. 
The new packaging turned out to be quite disappointing. Although I like generally the design of the palette and its large mirror, I find it quite sturdy and heavy. The shadows don't sit well in the pan and keep popping out for no apparent reason. I wouldn't even mention this if it weren't for the fact that if you buy something on the pricey side, you expect it to be flawless. 

Colourwise, I really like the first four and they are also the best eyeshadows in the palette qualitywise. Although I experience a lot of fall out from these, I like them for the shade, pigmentation and blendability.
BROKEN  (top left) is a gorgeous vanilla satin eyeshadow.  Perfect eyebrow highlight colour.
BEWARE (top centre) is a very pretty matte mid tone brown. Incredibly pigmented and soo smooth when applied. I experienced no patchiness or dryness which is always a problem with matte eyeshadows. Unfortunately the shadow is too orangey for my liking. It doesn't match my cool toned complexion nicely. I need to figure out how to use it cause I really like it.
BEWITCH (top right) is my absolute favourite here. It's a dark taupe shade with beautiful sheen. Smooth and soft and buttery and pigmented, just gorgeous! There's a lot of fall out but I don't care, I usually do my eyes first anyway.
WEST (bottom left) is another beautiful colour. It's a tad darker shade than Bewitch but it's a red-toned brown which goes with my complexion really well. 

The final two eyeshadows are something I don't like about the palette. I don't like the shades, the concept of duo eyeshadows which is hard to use and the quality. The advantage of such customizable palettes is that I can get rid of these shades and replace them with the ones I like.
SPELL (bottom centre) is a duo of  dark charcoal colour with shimmer and green micro glitter on top of it. This shade is not bad but it underperforms during application, it goes on sheer and I don't like the glitter. The other shade is a kind of greenish toned gold with large and sparse chunks of gold glitter. I wore it for my birthday party and that was my worst party make-up ever. Not my shade at all.
JEALOUS (bottom right) is even worse. I like green but I don't wear it very often. By green I mean deep emerald shades or wine bottle shades and Jealous is a combo of two yellowish greens with yellow or golden shimmer. One is darker and more pigmented pea green and the other one looks green in the pan but it actually is quite sheer and very pale and in reality it looks like yellow and green met half way to form this shade.

All in all, there are many excellent eyeshadows in this palette. The ones which don't satisfy me can be easily replaced with some other shades. I also liked the eye and lip pencil added to the box. However, the technical flaws of the palette make me feel slightly disappointed and successfully have put me off buying more Urban Decay customizable palettes like these.

Disclaimer: I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.

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