Monday, 15 April 2013

Glossybox April 2013

When I opened the Glossybox I couldn't help feeling disappointed. There was nothing glam/glossy about it. But on second thoughts I realized this was actually the most practical and useful set of products so far. There isn't a single product I don't like or I'm not going to use. The brands could have been more high-end, but the types of products satisfied me greatly.

The box contained:
1.  Yasumi Topaz Glamour Sugar Body Scrub (Polish brand)
2. Bioliq Intense Revitalizing Serum (Polish brand)
3. Love Me Green Organic Karite Exotique moisturising body cream (Polish brand)
4. Dermo Rassoul skin-moisturising roll-on deodorant
5. Charmine Rose Moisturisinf Foot Emulsion (Polish brand)
6. a couple of Glossybox rubber bands

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