Thursday, 24 July 2014

Korean goodies: Lomilomi 7 day Scheduler sunday Jasmine Healing Mask review

I was sad to notice that my favourite drugstore Hebe is running out of those incredible Lomilomi sheet masks so I immediately grabbed the one that was left, which turned out to be Jasmine Healing Mask. 

Just as the other one from the range I've used before, Jasmine Healing Mask is soaked with liquid to the point that it's dripping. Whooooa, you get a lot for the single dollar you pay for it!
The mask feels slightly tingly at first, but soon this sesnation subsides and it feels very comfortable on my face. 
It has some fresh, cosmetic scent that I don't associate with jasmine, but I find it nice and relaxing.

This mask gave my face a boost of moisture that I expect from this kind of product. My face felt nourished and plumped long after the application. 

This mask stands out from the sheet mask crowd in one respect: it contains a ton of product. Compared to this one, other masks seem almost dried out. It's also much cheaper. I seriously hope the drugstore is going to restock these!  


  1. I am going to Poland soon and was wondering if you could recommend some good products or stores.

    Is Hebe a store that you find everywhere or only in particular cities?

    1. Oh, you're coming over here? Where to?
      Hebe is quite a new chain, but I suppose they operate now in all major cities and towns. You'll get there Purederm face and foot masks and nose strips for sure. You might be able to get something else as well, like these Lomilomi masks. And they have full range of Revlon products that is available here, so you'll be able to get their scented polishes.
      If you want to try some Polish brands I strongly recommend Tolpa, which is a kind of dermocosmetic brand.
      In Superpharm you'll get most French pharmacy brands and some Polish ones as well, from which I'd pick Pharmaceris.
      Inglot cosmetiscs are available everywhere and they're really cheap.
      If you there's anything else you'd like to know, just let me know. I'll be glad to help!

    2. I am going to Gdansk.

      Yeyy I finally get to try those polishes :)
      Is there anything from Pharmaceris and Inglot that you can recommend?

      I guess I need to try my purederm mask first to see if I need to buy all the ones they have in stock :)

      I guess I will have to scour your blog for polish brand reviews

    3. That's where I live!!!! I hope you like the place and have fun!Let me know if you need anything while you're here!
      Your skin type seems different than mine, so I wouldn't advise you on skincare, but most of the products are really good.
      Inglot eyeshadows are a must, but their polishes, lipsticks, blushes and brushes are also good.

    4. Really? What are the odds!

      I must check them out then.
      Do you have an email I could write you at?

    5. Let me know in private when you're coming and perhaps we could meet!