Friday, 17 April 2015

Ardell Glamour Demi Wispies reviewdemi wispies

Ardell Demi Wispies seems to be an iconic product for all false lash fans, but I'm in two minds about them.  

The good thing is that they're quite sturdy and the band is rather thick, which makes it almost impossible to destroy them during the application and cleaning. 
The lashes are easy to apply because the band maintains the curvy shape and even if it doesn't you can just roll them along a pencil and thay're back in shape.
The band is clear plastic and it's almost invisible once applied. 

The downside is that they're intimidatingly dramatic. While they look great in pictures, they might be too ostentatious. I wear them only when I feel a surge of courage and the situation should be the other way round, they're supposed to boost my confidence. 
The hairs are rather stiff, but they don't look plastic. 
The band is stiff as well and the lashes are rather heavy, but after a while my lids get used to that.

All in all I feel these are great special occassion lashes, though I would prefer something more discreet and lighter.

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