Thursday, 30 April 2015

Korean goodies: Pure Smile Point Pads review

Over time, during my crush with Memebox I received Pure Smile Point Pads a couple of times. 

They're a kind of sheet masks which are intended to bring relief to areas of your face in need of special attention. The Neco Punch Point Pads in Hibiscus and Lemon Grass contain vitamin E, collagen, hyaluronic acid, arbutin, lemon grass and claim to provide moisture and control sebum production.
The Animal Point Pads are formulated with pineapple extracts, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and natto gum and are good for moisturising dry areas of the face. 

The material they're made of is rather stiff and doesn't flex well to fit all areas of the face, so in consequence they can be used only on the forehead or central points of the cheeks. My dry areas happen to be on my nose and around my nostrils and there's no way of wearing these pads there. So when I tried to make any use of these following the instructions, I wasn't succeeding. 

But since what they do is moisturise really well, I cut them in half and used as undereye shields while doing my make-up. They provided this dry area with moisture and prevented my make-up from getting messed up by fallout. 

All these pads are well saturated with sticky-slimey type of essence that really does deliver. But how are they supposed to moisturise and restore skin balance at the same time? I'm not even going to comment upon the sebum control, this claim was certainly meant to be ignored.
All of them have a strong, tropical scent which  might bother some, but I found quite pleasant and refreshing. 

I wouldn't buy these again with my own funds, but I used them all up with pleasure.  

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