Saturday, 18 April 2015

Korean goodies: Happy Bath Facial Yogurt Foam review

 This seemingly conventional foam cleanser by a Korean brand called Happy Bath is the most unusual product of this kind I've ever used. 
This Facial Yogurt Foam came in my Yogurt Cosmetics Memebox and out of 4 varieties I got the Moist type which contains apple, banana and apricot seed essences that are rich in vitamin C, vitamin A and other nutrients for replenishing and moisturising dry skin.

The description couldn't have been more appropriate. This is the only truly moisturising and comforting facial foam I've ever met. 
The consistency and texture of the foam is completely different from any other Korean or Western counterparts. It's like a cross of a gel, a lotion and a snail mucus cream. The product comes out of its tube in round blobs that are lightweight, yet display some kind of strange viscosity. The cleanser does produce some foam, but not much, and feels slimey on the face. It always makes me feel it would be as difficult to rinse as a lotion, but no, it rinses perfectly well, leaving my skin smooth and moisturised. There's no rubbery feel to my skin after rinsing, yet the skin feels perfectlly clean.
My skin feels as if  I've used some essence rather than a cleanser. 

This is a highly recommended product for anyone with dry skin who would like to use foam cleansers. 


  1. Sounds amazing! Really wanna try it now :)

    1. I think if you are looking for a foam cleanser, this could be the one you need. It's completely different from everything else I know