Saturday, 25 April 2015

Korean goodies: Dear Mademoiselle Hair Cap review

Ever since I got this Shara Shara Dear Mademoiselle Hair Cap I thought it gimmicky and stayed away from it, but there came the time when I faced a choice try it or ditch it, so I did take the courage to use this weird thing on my head and... nothing happened.

The product comes in a nice little sachet that contains hair mask in one part and a cap in the other.
The thick mask promises to repair dry and damaged hair by providing nutrition. The cap is soaked in some kind of essence which is supposed to improve the condition of the scalp.
While putting a moisturising mask on your hair and keeping it on for 15-20 mins under a cap is generally known as having beneficial influence on your hair, a scalp treating cap is something new. I don't know, however, how this is supposed to work. It's barely soaked in anything, almost wrenched dry, and apart from the moment when you're supposed to rub it onto your scalp, it never touches the skin on your head, so how is it supposed to work?
This duo didn't do anything to my hair really. It wasn't any softer, smoother, more manageable than after using my regular shampoo, not to mention helping treat my dry and super flaky scalp. 
This was fun to use, but nothing else. 

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